Data visualization with CartoDB - Tutorial how to merge two tables - choropleth map

CartoDB it's in my opinion one of the best online maping platform. Functionality is perfect for data visualization it's has done a great job of making the simple tasks even easier to do. Uploading data to create an embeddable map is fairly straight forward and takes just a few minutes.

If you need to visualize data for every country and your data in a spreadsheet like Excel, CSV, you can easily merge it with other tables with geo-coordinateness and crate beautiful maps ! Just follow this steps.

TIP: When you merge two tables one with details coordinates and second only with Country Names or ISO Codes, then you don't need to proceed geocoding.

 1. First you need to login to, basic account it's free.If you need more complex functionality please refer to available plans and pricing
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Common data and add "World_borders" to your tables.

2. Now you will see your new table you can switch to Map to see new map with countries names and borders.
3.Go back to Dashboard and import your data from Computer, Google Drive or DropBox. This is really cool that you can add data from Google Drive and DropBox !

4. What is important you MUST change data types in columns. All data to visual must be numbers. To do this click on small rectangle next to data type and change to Number, then your data should change coloor to green.

4. Now click in the top right menu Options and Merge tables. Chose first option Column Join - Merge two tables based a shared value (ex. ISO codes in both tables).
5. Chose coresponding columns like in screen below

6. What is important don't merge all columns add only column with your data to visualizes.
7. Click OK and ready ! Customize your map.

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