Converting external RSS Feed to GeoRSS - tutorial

GeoRSS is an emerging standard for encoding location as part of a RSS feed. For me the most interesting how it's can be utilize in humanitarian projects and natural disaster alert systems. 

Some time ago UN humanitarian aid agencies began cooperation on construction of a common alert and coordination system for natural disasters, GDACS. Information from several separate organizations are gathered, processed and republished. Echange of data is based on GeoRSS.

Let's try to build Georss from external RSS Feed and publish this as a layer on the map using Google Maps. 

TIP: You can find many Georss Feeds in Internet and add them as a layer to the map. Here is a one of the repository of natural hazards feeds.

1. We need to convert our RSS feed to GeoRSS Feed. The best way is to use special converter from

"The GeoNames "RSS to GeoRSS Converter" reads the entries of an RSS feed and searches the GeoNames Database to find a location for the entry text. If a relevant location is found, its latitude and longitude are added to the RSS feed using the GeoRSS encoding."

2. To convert our RSS Feed we need to login to GeoNames website, don't worry it's free.
3. After we et our user name we can construct feed, just add your feed address to Geonames Api.

4. Now we can add our new GeoRSS to Google Maps. Go to and hit My places. From here you can control all of your personal maps, access your Home and Work locations, see past searches and create new maps. Now  you need to click Create with Classic Maps, just below big red Create Map. It's because new Maps was lunched recently and some of the functionality will be added later.

TIP: Most Google Maps users don't even know about personalized My Maps. It's a shame, because it's a simple tool with a range of uses, you can also import a data layer from CSV or XLS file. You can also make a map that is essentially an address book, maps with itineraries for events that can be shared or embed to the website.

5. Now add your GeoRss adres to URL window and thats all !

6. You can send link to the map or embed to the website by clicking Chain icon on the top left.

Show Convert RSS to GeoRSS - tutorial on bigger map. 

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