Google fusion table and data visualization - Google Maps and Fusion Table Swipe Effect

The Google Maps swipe layer tool is used to interactively reveal layers beneath the layer being swiped. This tool makes it easy to see what is underneath a particular layer and compare data from two data-sets. To use the Swipe Layer tool, you need to create map in your Fusion Table and copy Table ID to code snippet from GitHub.

1. First you need to create two maps in fusion table, and copy this script from GitHub.

2. Open script in any text editor and change lines
[74-75 and 94-95] This is your Fusion table ID and geocoded column. You can use FT Wizard to get this data if you are not sure.
3. Save new file and just remember that both maps size should be the same (width and height).
4. That's all now you should see your maps with swipe effect.

TIP: You can also disable some of the Map function for better performance. Just paste option after line zoom:2 [69 and 90].

  scrollwheel: false,
navigationControl: false,
mapTypeControl: false,
scaleControl: false,
draggable: false,

Enjoy !


  1. Dear Piotr, is it possible for all these functions (as on your blog) to be shown using Google Earth 3D?

    It's much more cooler than using the 2D maps or 2D satellite, dont ya think so?

  2. Line 67: getElementByID('after') should be changed to getElementByID('before')

    Cheers for the great piece of work nonetheless :)


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